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Exposition----------------------------------------------------------------------------------Rising Action

Author:Alistair MacLean

FEAR IS THE KEY-taking place: Southeastern coastal US On the Gulf of Mexico - 1950s,1960s

Talbot ,how the others said ,"Killer"escaped from courtroom,he shot one policeman and to make him self safer he kidnaped Marry and she is the General's daughter.Now all police in the area is looking for them.

Jablonsky is finding them and returning him to general -Marry's father.General is not sending Talbot to police but he is giving him a job to do for him and his buisniss friends as his prisoner at a time.He is finding out that There is something bad going on in this buisniss what Jablonsky is finfing out too,to which is also general offered the same job.Now Tolbot see a friend in Jablonsky which is helping him in this job,but Jablonsky is being killed,by General's buisiness friends -Royale & Vyland and his men.

---- CLIMAX ----

Royale ,Vyland and their men!!!

Now they need Tolbot to help them operate their boat so they can get to big treasure under the sea.Tolbot findes out that general was made to get involved in this and that Marry and General are in danger he and Kennedy are helping them.One of Vyland's men catch the Tolbot sending information to police and Tolbot had been shot in shoulder.On the way to the bottom of the sea Tolbot got Toyale and Vyland with him.He told them that he got all oxygen out and made them talk about their life.

---- Falling Action----

Tolbot ,Major Character in the story.

They were sure they are dying and begging Tolbot to get them out.Tolbot is getting them out and admiting that he is Police and that he got all conversation catched over the microfone.




At the end Royale and Vylande finished in jail,Kennedy is Marry's body guard And general is finaly Free at last.Tolbot through all story was explained as a killer , but at the end we found out that he realy is a cop.

Adis Ismic    
English II ,period 3    
13 / 10 / 98